II A 1 TN Built in Bookshelf to Match Cabinetry Found Throughout House

II A 2 Bookshelf View

II B 1 Wall Mounted TV Shelf with Hidden Cable Electrical Outlet

II B 3 Shelf Placed at Proper Height for Viewing TY While Seated Hidden Receptacles are Shown in Back of Box, Which is Inside the Wall Space

II B 4 Designed to Match Home Cabinetry and Hide Cords

II B 5 Compact and Low Profile

II C 1 Motor Driven Painting Slide Concept Sketch

II C 2 Motorized Slide Mechanism Installed, Bracket and Wiring for Flat Panel TV Over Fireplace

II C 3 Motor and Track are Concealed But Accessible Via Drop Down Panels that Finish Flush with Ceiling

II C 4 Finish Installation with Painting in Position to Conceal Flat Panel TV

II C 5 Finish View Showing TV Mounted Behind Painting

II C 6 Open for TV Viewing

II C 7 Motorized Action Controlled Wirelessly Through TV Remote

II D 1 Project Convert 'Bachelor-Pad' Entertainment System into Usable Furniture Piece for Young Family

II D 2 Finish Cabinets to Match Existing Top (1) Open Cabinet for Electronics, with Doors for Games, Toys

II E 1 Project Design and Fabricate a Curtain Rod that Returns to Wall at Both Ends AND Bends in the Middle at the Joints of a Bay Window (Finish-Installation-View)

II F 1 Conversion of Attached, Enclosed Room off Kitchen to and Open Plan with Reclaimed Antique Pine Island in Foreground

II F 2 Closet and Built in Cabinet at Room Transition

II F 3 Converted Family Room with Cedar Beams and Pine Panels to Match Great Room (House was Former Country Club)

II F 4 Daytime View, Furnished