III A 1 Before Upper Section

III A 2 Detail Lower Curved Rail

III A 3 Lower Rail View(Left-Side-Was-Completey-Gone)

III A 4 Sketch to Rebuild Missing Porch Section

III B 1 Some Columns and Other Parts Were Completely Rebuilt. This One Has a New, Cypress Lower Section, While the Top is Repaired with Epoxy and Bondo

III B 2 Carving Out the Rotten Wood

III B 3 Surface Rebuild, Mid Process

III B 4 Before Supporting Columns Were Rotten and Collapsing

III C 1 Finish Porch Rebuild, Originally from 1887

III C 2 Finish Right Corner

III C 3 Finish Left Corner

III C 4 TN Finish View

III D 1 Front Door Before

III D 1 This Sidelite Had Been Infested with Termites, and Was Disintegrating. New Walnut Parts Were Milled to Match the Rest and Rebuilt

III D 2 After Sanding

III D 2 Full View, Rebuilt Sidelite is on Right

III D 3 Finish Product