I A 1 Reconstructed Dining Room Sconce Corner in Polished Plaster

I A 2 Polished Plaster Groin Vault

I A 3 Wainscoting Mock-up

I A 4 Top Layer Plaster Removal Technique

I A 5 Living Room Plaster Removed

I A 6 Archway-Discovery-Beneath-Plaster

I B 1 Bedroom Entry Before Photo

I B 2 Groin Vault Reconstruction Over Former Bedroom Entry

I B 3 Polished Plaster Finish of Restored Open Doorway with Restored Mosaic Flooring

I C 1 Demolishing a 1950s Renovation that Created a Larger Bathroom and Narrowing the Hallway

I C 2 Bathroom Demo View 2 Take Note of Drop Ceiling in Hallway

I C 3 Restoration to the Original State

I C 4 The Antique Ceiling

I C 5 Rebuilt Hallway

I C 6 Restored, Original Mosaic Floor Found in This Hallway

I D 1 Main Hallway with Groin Vault Ceiling

I D 2 Finsh Plaster, Walls and Ceiling

I D 3 TN-Main Hall with Restored Mosaic Floor

I E 1 Dressing Room Framiong View

I E 10 Vaulted Doorway to Bathroom, Finish Plaster

I E 2 Master Dressing Room Framing

I E 3 Framing View 3 Doorways Designed to Support

I E 4 Durock Installation

I E 5 Plaster Prep

I E 6 Plaster Prep After Corner Bead Installation

I E 7 Installing Plaster 'Stepped' Ceiling

I E 8 Plaster Crown Molding Installation

I E 9 Finish Polished Plaster

I F 1-Guest Bedroom Before

I F 2 Guest Bedroom After

I G 1 Office Before (Plaster Prep)

I G 2 Office with Polished Plaster Vaulted Entry

I G 3 Office with Custom Radiator Cabinet Built to Match Others Found in House

I H 1 Salon-Radiator-Cabinet-Demo--Window-Tuckponting-Flaws-Allowed-Water-Inside

I H 2 New Radiator Box Pattern After Securing From Water

I H 3 Black Metal Radiator Box, Custom Fabrication

I H 4 Finished Cabinet,with New Sill and Trim to Come

I I 1Salon

I I 2 Successful Wall Removal

I I 3 Opening

I I 4 Back View Of Beam Installation

I I 5 Plaster Prep at Room Transition

I I 6 Polished Plaster Finish Transition

I I 7 Salon Plaster View Through Open Doorway to Dining Room

I J 1 Salon Mosaic Before Photo

I J 2 Salon Mosaic After Photo, Star Detail

I J 3 Stars

I J 4 Dining Room Mosaic Floor Before

I J 5 Dining Room Mosaic After

I J 6 Dining Room Floor, Near Full View